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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hey guys! We meet again in the final chapter of my blog. Yes, eventually :)

The video above that I feed to you guys is all about Rashid Sidek since born until he became a famous coach in our country. I was very proud to be Malaysian because of the past champions who never scared to brings Malaysia's name to the eyes of world! If I have any outstanding talent, I wish to be like Rashid because he had a unique skills that not every badminton player have likes awesome smashes from the long distance.

Humble and talented "Abul"

From my view, I thinks Abul has give full commitment to his career and never want to sigh for every victory he contribute to Malaysia. He got involved in lots of world tournaments like Commonwealth, Thomas Cup and more. Injected with the family's passion, self-motivated, and desire to be a winner was his secret all the time. See, today, he had be an inspiration instrument to his trainees and all Malaysian citizen until his name was recorded perfectly in Malaysia's Record. Even the television channel called "Di Sebalik Nama" accentuate the life of Abul on it!

Give your full attention to the video where Abul fight in some tournament for the Thomas Cup, you must be compassionate with his skills!

As a resident of Malaysia, we should improve our talents that we have and put effort to be just like him. Inspired ourselves guys! We can do it! Hehe. To wrap up this blog, I must say that I was really proud with his tons of awards for our nation, so all I wanted to says here is we ought to think positive and try be like one of them! 

I am proud to be Malaysian! How about you? :)

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Bittersweet in Couching New Badminton Player

Monday, 14 October 2013

Abul smash the shuttlecock
Abul gives tips to the trainee properly
After all splendid achievements "Abul" got from the previous years, he started to couching the new badminton players for national. I was impressed of his willingness to give contribution for Malaysia's new talents. Almost more than 10 years Rashid was appointed by BAM (Badminton Association of Malaysia) to couching new generation. Despite of that, he also have an experience in couching for Nusa Mahsuri Club from 1996-2002. Many trainee has been awarded tons of glory because of him. He is like an inspiration that lead to success of the new generation badminton players likes Lee Chong Wei, Muhammad Hafiz Hashim and more. He enjoyed to be a couch but some controversy lead to him to retired. 

19th September 2013 is a date where Rashid express his desire to resign from BAM after he was feeling disappointed with the new management of that association. Lee Chong Wei says he was sad because of Rashid's decision. Even though he's already being a no 1 singles shuttler at the international stage, he's still need Rashid to couching him. For him, only Rashid understand and can guide him. He is really upset with BAM's management.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure these video give an explanation about the resignation controversy. So, let's watch :)

XOXO, enjoy!

Technique, Skills and Achievements

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Abul and his brother, Misbun give a big hug to the best national player after tournament

I just come back from being a volunteer for KASUKMA 2013. This is  how I got a new experience where I have to be linesman (referee's assistant) for badminton tournament. This experience is really different for me because before this I just watching people playing badminton in front of me but I never thought to be a linesman. It is not easy because the decision where the shuttlecock fall and pointed whether in or out the line is rely on me. Hard but I'm doing the best. I am still remember where my father always taking me to the badminton hall near my house when I was child. Badminton is my family's hobby including myself and it influence us a lot. Ouh I'm talked too much. Let's talk about Rashid again. But now, about his technique, skills and achievement.

Bittersweet memory of Rashid

Techique and Skills ('S' Service)

Spirit of champion

This service also known as Servis Sidek as Rashid and his family use this technique during their badminton tournament. This skill was invented by them. This service will be done by the racket hit shuttlecock's feathers not the cork that covered by the leather. For me, this is a unique skills where it had making their skill different from the others including international badminton player. But the service was prohibited in badminton world on 1982 by International Badminton Federation (IBF) due to the excuse that shuttlecock should be hit from its cork, not the feather. This technique actually makes the opponent cannot expect when the shuttlecock will come as it spin around fast. That is the information I got.

Winners' face on Thomas Cup

We all knew that Rashid and his siblings has collected so many achievements. His career can be determine same as the other international badminton player. Here, I provide you guys with Rashid's achievements that makes his name being well-known in our sport industry and his credibility also lead him to be a good trainer.

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Tired face after win the big games

Event                               Date                              Venue
3Singles1996Atlanta, USA
Asian Games
2Team1990Beijing, China
3Singles1990Beijing, China
Commonwealth Games
1Singles1990Auckland, New Zealand
1Singles1994Victoria, Canada
2Doubles1990Auckland, New Zealand
Thomas Cup
1Team1992Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2Team1994Jakarta, Indonesia
2Team1990Tokyo, Japan
2Team1988Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
World Tournaments
1Singles1990Malaysia Open (1)
1Singles1991Asian Badminton Championships (1)
1Singles1991Malaysia Open (2)
1Singles1992World Grand Prix Finals
1Singles1992Asian Badminton Championships (2)
1Singles1992Malaysia Open (3)
1Singles1995Brunei Open
1Singles1996German Open
2Singles1994Malaysia Open
2Singles1996All England Open
2Singles1996Chinese Taipei Open
2Singles2000Korea Open

Biography of Rashid

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Best player of the world

When we are talking about badminton, mostly people surround us will say some famous names to be remembered likes Lee Chong Wei, Sidek's sons and more. Yeahhh, Sidek's sibling. The most famous trainer in badminton arena after Misbun Sidek is his youngest brother, Rashid.

If you are still remember our those kids moment where we are reading tons of comic, but there is a special Malay comic published to potray Sidek's family life. Here, I am exploring one of the badminton's obsess and amazing player, Rashid Sidek.

Let me tell you some personal details about him.

Comic about Sidek's sons
There was a child who raised up in the strict family where his dad always wanted his sons to be trained as a good badminton player. Fall down to earth on 8th July, 1968 in Kanchong Darat, Banting, Selangor and he has five siblings. Having all talented brothers had inspired him to be like them. 

For me, Rashid Sidek has a strong motivation and never give up in trying where makes this "Abul", sweet nickname become more discipline and intention to be one of the world's best player where his name has been sketch on the Olympics' athlete list and his golden achievement makes all the Malaysian proud of him including me.

Abul and his inspired brothers

Not everyone knows his talent already can be seen since he was child. This good smasher play seriously when he was early at 7 years old where he represent his school and at the age of 10 he already become a professional player where he represent Kuala Lumpur state champion under 12. He actually shown his golden talent since kids where he had been become a target to be a professional player. He is a alumni of Victorian Institution (1981 - 1985).

Rashid Sidek and his family

He had just retired his career as trainer of national badminton player in this year, 2013.

Lastly, I feed you with the flashback moment where Rashid was born, in one of the episode in Anak-anak Sidek's cartoon. Enjoy!


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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Face of a successful national badminton player

Who dares enter the badminton court without talent? It is like you are gambling on something without notice the loss money on you. Not everyone knows their faith in the future, not everyone have the magical talent, but effort makes us different, it is same with my idol, Rashid Sidek.

As an introduction, I would like to say my gratitude to my lovely lecturer, Madam Nur Nubailah for giving me some opportunities to say a words about the most top rank badminton player of Malaysia called "Abul" the Sidek's most good smasher.

Me, Nur Ashikin binti Abdul Jalil, student of Diploma in English Communication, semester 5C is going to explore the blogging world and discover Rashid's life from the beginning to the ending of his career.

Abul gives Lee Chong Wei some advice and strategies for his tournament

These is my objectives of the blog :

v  To fulfill the requirement task for subject Digital and Mobile Communication
v  To educate the reader especially young generation about one of the famous Malaysian outstanding personnel in sport industry who have bring honor to our country named Rashid Sidek (former of excellent badminton player)
v  To inspire the badminton lover who wants to follow the footsteps of excellent achiever in the past by providing an inspiration stories of him in the blog
v  To let Malaysian citizen think further in order to become outstanding and motivate themselves after read about people’s achievement
v  To help the reader widen their knowledge due to get the accurate information for their own personal reference

Have fun and enjoy!


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