Bittersweet in Couching New Badminton Player

Monday, 14 October 2013

Abul smash the shuttlecock
Abul gives tips to the trainee properly
After all splendid achievements "Abul" got from the previous years, he started to couching the new badminton players for national. I was impressed of his willingness to give contribution for Malaysia's new talents. Almost more than 10 years Rashid was appointed by BAM (Badminton Association of Malaysia) to couching new generation. Despite of that, he also have an experience in couching for Nusa Mahsuri Club from 1996-2002. Many trainee has been awarded tons of glory because of him. He is like an inspiration that lead to success of the new generation badminton players likes Lee Chong Wei, Muhammad Hafiz Hashim and more. He enjoyed to be a couch but some controversy lead to him to retired. 

19th September 2013 is a date where Rashid express his desire to resign from BAM after he was feeling disappointed with the new management of that association. Lee Chong Wei says he was sad because of Rashid's decision. Even though he's already being a no 1 singles shuttler at the international stage, he's still need Rashid to couching him. For him, only Rashid understand and can guide him. He is really upset with BAM's management.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure these video give an explanation about the resignation controversy. So, let's watch :)

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