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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hey guys! We meet again in the final chapter of my blog. Yes, eventually :)

The video above that I feed to you guys is all about Rashid Sidek since born until he became a famous coach in our country. I was very proud to be Malaysian because of the past champions who never scared to brings Malaysia's name to the eyes of world! If I have any outstanding talent, I wish to be like Rashid because he had a unique skills that not every badminton player have likes awesome smashes from the long distance.

Humble and talented "Abul"

From my view, I thinks Abul has give full commitment to his career and never want to sigh for every victory he contribute to Malaysia. He got involved in lots of world tournaments like Commonwealth, Thomas Cup and more. Injected with the family's passion, self-motivated, and desire to be a winner was his secret all the time. See, today, he had be an inspiration instrument to his trainees and all Malaysian citizen until his name was recorded perfectly in Malaysia's Record. Even the television channel called "Di Sebalik Nama" accentuate the life of Abul on it!

Give your full attention to the video where Abul fight in some tournament for the Thomas Cup, you must be compassionate with his skills!

As a resident of Malaysia, we should improve our talents that we have and put effort to be just like him. Inspired ourselves guys! We can do it! Hehe. To wrap up this blog, I must say that I was really proud with his tons of awards for our nation, so all I wanted to says here is we ought to think positive and try be like one of them! 

I am proud to be Malaysian! How about you? :)

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