Saturday, 21 September 2013

Face of a successful national badminton player

Who dares enter the badminton court without talent? It is like you are gambling on something without notice the loss money on you. Not everyone knows their faith in the future, not everyone have the magical talent, but effort makes us different, it is same with my idol, Rashid Sidek.

As an introduction, I would like to say my gratitude to my lovely lecturer, Madam Nur Nubailah for giving me some opportunities to say a words about the most top rank badminton player of Malaysia called "Abul" the Sidek's most good smasher.

Me, Nur Ashikin binti Abdul Jalil, student of Diploma in English Communication, semester 5C is going to explore the blogging world and discover Rashid's life from the beginning to the ending of his career.

Abul gives Lee Chong Wei some advice and strategies for his tournament

These is my objectives of the blog :

v  To fulfill the requirement task for subject Digital and Mobile Communication
v  To educate the reader especially young generation about one of the famous Malaysian outstanding personnel in sport industry who have bring honor to our country named Rashid Sidek (former of excellent badminton player)
v  To inspire the badminton lover who wants to follow the footsteps of excellent achiever in the past by providing an inspiration stories of him in the blog
v  To let Malaysian citizen think further in order to become outstanding and motivate themselves after read about people’s achievement
v  To help the reader widen their knowledge due to get the accurate information for their own personal reference

Have fun and enjoy!


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